Expired Food At The Manteno Berkot’s Grocery Store

manteno grocery storeHave you ever bought something at the Berkot’s grocery store in Manteno that was expired? There have been many times when I would do a little grocery shopping at Berkot’s Super Foods in Manteno and when I went to eat an item I bought there I would notice that is expired and/or has mold on it. The Manteno Berkots is notorious for selling expired food products so this will be the topic for my weekly gripe. Just the other day I had bought some packaged Buddig lunch meat and some sandwich rolls from the deli at Berkots. Later that same day a family member notified me that the “fresh” bread was moldy. I opted to use some white bread to make my sandwich and when I was opening the package of lunch meat I noticed that it too was expired. If this happened rarely I could understand that. I’m sure it is a logistical challenge to keep the store stocked with fresh foods. I would not expect a small grocery store like Berkots to have a perfect record when it comes to expired food products.

Manteno Berkot's expired foodSadly this has happened many times in the last few years. One of the biggest culprits are the deli products. Buying a pastry from Berkots is a dangerous business. One would think that the deli food at the Manteno Berkots would be the least likely to be expired but the opposite is true. The reason for the moldy bread products, expired meat products and other foods is simple. They must not do a very good job of inventory and/or stocking. It has gotten to the point that we will opt to drive the 7-8 minutes to Jewel in Bourbonnais  just so we do not have to check the date on every product we buy.

Being a small grocery store should enable to staff at Berkots to monitor the expiration dates of the products on their shelves and pull expired items right away. I do not know if the reason behind this failure is lazy employees or incompetent management but I would put my money on it being a combination of the two. There is simply no valid reason for supposedly “fresh” deli products to sit on the shelf when you can see green mold on it.

It seriously cannot be that hard to use an inventory management program to ensure that expired foods are pulled immediately. If the management at Berkots is savvy enough to strategically place the milk in a place that forces customers to walk through most of the store, a common practice at grocery stores, they should be savvy enough to know that people should not have to check the date on every product they buy.

This does not just happen to me. Friends and family members living in Manteno have all mentioned this problem. The Berkots in Manteno is probably responsible for hundreds of cases of sickness each year. Moldy bread may not be a serious health concern but expired meat products can cause serious sicknesses.

If I went to Berkots tomorrow and bought $100 in groceries I would estimate that at least 5% of the food I bought would be past the expiration date. A single stock boy/girl not doing their job properly can ruin the reputation at a grocery store like Berkots.

I may be being too hard on this grocery store but this is a very common problem. If you have experienced similar problems at Berkot’s Super Foods in Manteno, Illinois please post a comment below and share your story.

Editor’s Update – Multiple Complaints About Expired Food at Berkots

I was doing a little research on the expired food problem at Berkot’s and I have found multiple complaints about this issue. It seems that customers from the New Lenox Berkot’s and those from several other towns have posted about this at web sites like Topix and Patch.com. I have contacted Berkot’s to see if they would like to issue a statement about these accusations. I will update this post when I hear back.

04/05/12 – Berkot’s Response To Complaints Of Expired Food

I had recently contacted Berkot’s Super Foods regarding the issue of them selling food past its expiation date. Derrick Cannon from Berkot’s quickly wrote me back and explained that the quality of their products is a high priority at Berkot’s:

I would like to respond to the article posted on the Manteno.org website about outdated products in our Berkot’s locations.  First I would like to thank you for sending the link in to our website.  I have reviewed the blogs that were posted about the expired products at some of our locations. I am disappointed that our quality standards were not met on routinely checking dates on all of our products.  Checking all dates on the over 40,000 items that we carry is something that we at Berkot’s appoint many labor hours towards.  Our goal is to never have any outdated products on our shelves. I will be informing our managers today of the problems that you have pointed out to me in your blog.  I will review and make any necessary changes to our date checking procedures today.

- Derrick Cannon

I would like to thank Mr. Cannon for his fast response and the steps he is taking to resolve this issue.

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